British School at Athens uploaded a video 1 year ago 1:25:08 D. Christodoulou "Deifying Diocletian and Galerius..." by British School at Athens 1 year ago 97 views Dr D. Christodoulou "Deifying Diocletian and Galerius: Salonica -- Split -- Gamzigrad - Šarkamen"Paper given at the BSA Upper House Seminar 10.7.2013

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The British School at Athens organises a number of events each year to illustrate the work of its members past and present. These are presented at Conferences and Workshops, Public lectures, Upper House Seminars, BSA Seminars in collaboration with other Institutions, Fitch-Wiener Seminars in Archaeological Science, BSA Friends Lectures. They are held in Greece or the UK. Since 2011 a select number of these have been made available to a wider audience through video or audio recordings archived on the School’s website. There are also links to a number of Video tours and montages highlighting aspects of the School’s work.
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