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Editorial. The Lost Mosaics of Bramdean, Hampshire. Tales from an Itinerant Traveller: Roman Cyprus (part 1): Don Flear. The Roman Settlement at Crab Farm, Dorset: Bryn Walters. The Dodd's Brigantia Weekend Diary: Tim Dodd. An Overview of Roman Essex: Bryn Walters. Imperial Emblems found in Rome: Bryn Walters. Spectacular Roman Sites around Lake Garda, Italy: Geoff and Glenis Long. Members visit to Northern France: Geoff and Glenis Long. Rare find in Leicester: Tom Bennett. Archaeological News Round-up: Silbury Hill; Newchurch (Isle of Wight); Leicester Vine Street excavations; Lancaster bath house; Priapus statue at Vindolanda. Professional obituaries. ARA Newsletter Number 20: April 2008.
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