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Editorial. A Visit to the Novium, Chichester s New Museum: Grahame Soffe. The Jupiter Stone: a Romano-British sculptural treasure goes on display at the Novium: Anthony Beeson. ARA Study Tour of Sicily: John Partridge. Halstock Roman Villa, Dorset; a lost floor of opus sectile: Bryn Walters. A Tale of Three Emperors; images of Roman defeat in Sasanian Iran: Ian Heritage. Archaeological News Round-up: Lupa Capitolina Etruscan?; Tyne and Wear Hadrian's Wall community project; Birthplace of Augustus in Rome found; Rediscovery of statue of Mark Antony and Cleopatra's twins. Jublains; a provincial Gallo-Roman civitas: Marigold Norbye. Archaeological News Round-up: Beau Street hoard; Walton, Peterborough new villa; Arch of Titus paint traces. Three treasures of Ancient Britain and Sweet Fanny Adams: Anthony Beeson. Archaeological News Round-up: Maryport altar excavations. Recent ARA Grants.
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