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Editorial. Campaign to preserve Southwell Roman site: Bryn Walters. ARA Study Tour of Jordan, 2011: Marigold Norbye. RESCUE, the British Archaeological Trust; still campaigning after 40 years: Jude Plouviez. Archaeological News Round-up: Roman Swiss-army knife; Arbeia Amphora; Lower Borrowbridge, Cumbria excavations; Corinium cemetery; Cirencester cockerel. Land of Eagles; Journeys in Roman Albania: Gareth Harney. Romans in Commagene: Rebecca Newman. Excavation at Charles Street, Dorchester: John Bithell. Spotlight on Lunt Roman Fort: Martin Elvery From Julius Caesar to Claudius; the late Iron Age / Roman transition, Report on a conference at the university of Leicester 2011 Nov 5th: Stuart Bailey. The Imagery of the Hallerton helmet; decoration depicting Roman victory revealed by restoration: Anthony Beeson. Archaeological News Round-up: London mithraeum; Spanish mosaic damaged; Camelon, Falkirk Roman sandals; Londinium token; Latin Epigraphy: how to read and understand Roman inscriptions, Part 2: Marigold Norbye. The Lost City of the Legion; preliminary excavations in Caerleon’s monumental suburb hint at great future discoveries: Anthony Beeson. Ramblings of an Ancient Volunteer Archaeologist, digging through his memories: Michael C Looker. Archaeological News Round-up: Southwark Roman bath. ARA Newsletter Number 28 September 2012.
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