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Editorial. A New Fort Discovered in Exeter: Tim Gent. How were Roman villas glazed and vented?. Spotlight on Trimontium Museum: Donald Gordon. ARA goes digital. Archaeological News Round-up: Suffolk lantern; Bury St Edmunds Priapus figure; Holbrook, Suffolk figure; Folkestone re-excavations; Frome coin hoard; Aberystwyth villa; Alton pendant. Roman Bath-house Discovered at Bax Farm, Kent: Brian Philip. Roman Finds in Thanet, Kent: Gordon Taylor. The Tale of the Emperor's Head. Archaeological News Round-up: Herculaneum recent discoveries; Chedworth mosaic; Gloucester Roman wall; Hinton St Mary, Dorset mosaic; Caistor, Lincolnshire excavations; Papcastle, Cumbria; Woodchester Orpheus replica mosaic; Silchester recent finds. Jordon, ARA study tour: John Bithell. Archaeological News Round-up: Carlisle publication; Canterbury excavations, Musselburgh altars; York burial; Southwick villa. A Walk Along Hadrian's Wall: A personal view: David Sleep. Spotlight on Newport Villa, Isle of Wight: Nicholas Hogben. Third Year of Excavations at Brading Villa. Archaeological News Round-up: Combley Villa new display; Twekesbury Roman building. Book Reviews. ARA Newsletter Number 25 March 2011.
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