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Editorial. Cologne to Eifel to Tongeren to Metz: Allen Farnworth. Tales from an Itinerant Traveller: Roman Cyprus (part 2): Don Greenword (formerly Flear). Readers Letters. Two Venue Curators retire. Archaeological News Round-up: Early Roman coin found in Cornwall; Lupercal cave possibly found on the Palatine; Herculaneum wood and ivory thorne; Chichester. excavations; House of Augustus, Rome; Aldborough, York coffin found; Lancaster Roman memorial stone found. A Second Fort is Confirmed in Cornwall: Steve Hartgroves and John R Smith. Chester's Roman Town: Peter Carrington. Archaeology in the Park: Dan Garner. Impressive Villas over the Bay of Naples: Geoff and Glenis Long. Archaeological News Round-up: Vindoland brooch; Suffolk Villa excavations; Vindolanda statue base found. Professional obituaries. Malton Museum. Archaeological News Round-up: Chester's amphitheatre; London tableware; Ewell cult centre; London Roman door; Corbridge road ramp; ARA Newsletter Number 21: February 2009.
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