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Editorial. Romans on the Rhine: ARA Study Tour 2010: John Partridge. Archaeological News Round-up: New Caligula statue at Nemi; Roman crop marks; Pompeii / Vesuvius website; 4th century paintings at Santa Tecla; Papcastle excavations; Vindolanda finds. Vaison La Romaine and Glanum: overlooked treasures of Roman Provence: Gareth Harney. Folkstone Roman Villa: 2010 excavations: Keith Parfitt. The Thurmaston Milestone: Stuart Bailey. Spotlight on Museum of the Iron Age, Andover: Martin Elvery. Archaeological News Round-up: Survey at Caerleon; Excavation at Caerleon; Nabatean wall paintings; Roman site beneath Kettleby; Hallaton Helmet; History of Rome Podcasts. The Mosaics of Sousse: cultural fashion in Roman Africa: Martin Elvery. Book Review: The Frome Hoard. Roman Spain: Ines Garcia and Bernie Spiegelhalter. ARA Newsletter Number 26 September 2011.
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