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Editorial. Archaeological News Round-up: Maryport excavations: Vindolanda denarii. ARA Study Tour of Classical and Roman Libya, Nov 2009: Marigold Norbye. Archaeological News Round-up: Colchester mosaic; Caligula statue at Nemi update; Herculaneum Roman sewage; Roman Doncaster excavations. Spotlight on Dolaucothi Mines: Gareth Harney. Hadrian's Wall Update: David Sleep. Novae and the Valetudinarium of Legio I Italica: John Bithell. Re-evaluating the identification of Roman military hospitals: Patricia Baker. Mithras in Scotland: spectacular new altars unveiled: Anthony Beeson. Archaeological News Round-up: Rome's Tunnel of Wonders; Puddletown Roman road; York's station baths refound; Musselburgh cemetery; Pantheon's lighting. Latin Epigraphy: how to read and understand Roman inscriptions, Part 1: Marigold Norbye. Archaeological News Round-up: New settlement near Exeter; Roman Sheffield; Caerleon excavations. South Warwickshire Roman Hoard: Martin Elvery. Archaeological News Round-up: Venta Icenorum acquired for nation; Zejtun, Malta villa restoration. Recent ARA Grants. ARA Newsletter Number 27 March 2012.
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