Andrea Chang

Administrative Aide II, Administration and Finance (212) 992.7843

Andrea Chang is a native New Yorker from Brooklyn and earned a B.A. at the University at Buffalo in Political Science, during which time she worked for the Attorney General. After graduation, she returned to New York City to model, and later held positions in fashion retail, the hospitality industry, and real estate. She eventually worked her way up to a licensed real estate salesperson in a top firm in Manhattan focusing on residential condo sales. Raised by academics, her father a professor emeritus at National Taiwan University and her mother a former high school teacher, Andrea found herself drawn back to academic life and joined the ISAW administrative team in April 2013 as Administrative Aide.

At ISAW, Andrea supports the administrative and financial functions of ISAW: facilities, travel, food service, and procurement. Andrea began as a part-time employee but is now a full-time staff member, providing support to all members of the ISAW community. Outside of ISAW, Andrea's interests lie in costume and interior design, sustainable living, and carpentry.