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Ancient World Linked Data JS Lib (awld.js)

Ancient World Linked Data JS Lib (awld.js)

Awld.js is an embeddable library that encourages linking to and re-use of stable web-based resources for the study of the ancient world. It is best understood by example so that there is a test page. Here is a preview of what should happen once the library loads.

When you click through to that page, you may need to wait a few seconds for the library to load. But once it does, you should be able to "mouse over" links in the table near the top and see further info for the websites that they point to. The same essential functionality will work for most of the other links on that page.

See it "Live"

Awld.js is installed on the following sites:

  • Coin Hoard from
  • Coin from Domuztepe in Turkey as hosted by OpenContext. Hover over the link to "Antiochia/Theoupolis".
  • Pelagios is a project to collect references to ancient sites. This list of references to sites in OpenContext uses awld.js to show previews of each object.

Get the code


Awld.js is a project of the ISAW's Digital Publications Program that is being overseen by Sebastian Heath. It is in the early stages of development and feedback is very welcome. Nick Rabinowitz bootstrapped the first versions of awld.js.