Connecting to the Campus Network

Wireless Networks

Members of the NYU community may access the "nyu" wireless network at ISAW using their NetID and password. Most laptop computers and smartphones will be able to detect the connection settings automatically. However, if you have an older device, you may find it easier to connect to the "nyu-legacy" wireless network. In the event that your device has trouble connecting to both of those, you may alternatively use the "eduroam" network (login name is your, rather than just netid).

The "nyuguest" wireless network is also available in the ISAW building, for visitors who do not have NYU network credentials. The guest wireless password is available from the main reception desk on the third floor, and from the IT Office on the sixth floor. The password is changed every Monday morning. If you are planning a conference, remember to ask for the guest wireless password to share with your attendees.

Further instructions and troubleshooting tips for connecting to the wireless networks may be found on the NYU ITS help pages. Assistance with connecting to the network may also be requested by contacting the .

Wired Network

The NYU campus network has multiple layers of security, including a restriction that only authorized computers are allowed to connect. If you have a desktop or laptop computer that you need to connect to the wired network for faster upload and download speeds, the ISAW IT group must register your computer's unique hardware identifier. Please to request this service.